jueves 8, octubre 2015 | 10:01 am

Dorita Borja Nathan Salaverría died yesterday surrounded by her family. She was mother of José Antonio and Ana María Salaverrías Borja, both coffee entrepreneurs and Alfonso and Juan José´s older sister, also coffee entrepreneurs.

“Dorita” as her family and friends affectionately called her was born on march 17th 1924. Her closer friends and grandsons knew her as “La Coco”.

Those who used to knew her, they remember her as a kind and lovely woman that always take care of others.

She worked in solidarity with Red Cross and The Charity Ladies Society of her town and also in countless charitable projects.

She and her husband, Ing. Antonio Salaverría, were recognized for promote the Salvadoran coffee sector.

She was well-known for her devotion to God and admiration for the priests and her generosity to the hopeless people. 

Her friend group remember: there was not a charity project without her participation and solidarity.

Dorita´s relatives warmly remember her with a deep gratitude for her role as a pillar of the family.

This afternoon at 3 o´clock there will be a religious service at Asuncion Church in Ahuachapan. Then, she will be buried in the Ahuachapán General Cemetery for her last farewell.