A history of vision and inspiration

For over 100 years, Grupo Borja has left a mark on both El Salvador and Central America’s entrepreneurial history, starting with our founder: Dr. Juan José Borja Nathan. After having completed his Doctorate in Laws in the University of Salamanca Dr. Juan José Borja returned from Spain and assumed the risk of starting new enterprises, having understood the need and importance of stimulating economic development in El Salvador.

In El Salvador he created various companies, including: Aluminio de El Salvador, Diario El Mundo, and the coffee mill “Agua Caliente”. He also became involved with the banking, insurance and real estate industries.

Our Group suffered many difficulties along with the rest of the country when, in 1979, a civil war erupted in El Salvador between the militant right-wing government and the left-wing “guerrilla” forces. Hope was never lost, and Grupo Borja used the newspaper Diario El Mundo to promote the spread of peace and democracy among the citizens.

After the signing of the Peace Treaty on the 16th of January 1992, Dr. Juan José Borja Nathan and his son Juan José Borja Papini (current president of Grupo Borja) bet on the local market and recommenced investing in El Salvador and the surrounding region.

Our Group believes strongly in the modernization and growth of this region, and we have thus spent years expanding our services such as informatic solutions, telecommunications and energy into nearby regions.