sábado 10, diciembre 2016 | 11:29 am

Around 33 students were graduating of “Opotunidades” Program sponsored by Gloria de Kriete Foundation and JBorja Foundation. The students received with enthusiasm their High School diplomas, which allow them to opt for a college career.

Juan José Borja Papini, JBorja Foundation president, said “We feel satisfied with these new graduates, from now they will incorporate to the work market”. For JBorja Foundation is a great satisfaction make the dreams of all these youths come true. This encourages us to continue working with Ahuachapán’s young people. They are the force that moves our country. For that reason, “The Oportunidades Program’s mission is to change the lives of them and their families»

Also, he mentioned that this program provide to participants from low economy resources families an integral education. “We found a deep desire to help with this program the learning process of the young people”. Without a doubt, we will not stop accompany them, because, we are aware about the needs of the Ahuachapán’s people with whom our family has a strong bond. That is why, we want to share this endeavor with them.

In Ahuachapán, more than 120 students have belonged to “Oportunidades” Program. In addition, the program supported by Gloria de Kriete Foundation has helped to more 1,350 students around the country.

Finally, the JBORJA Foundation together Gloria de Kriete Foundation has undertaken to work as much as we can for this program in order to benefit them. Juan José Borja Said.