llycaffè recognized to J.J Borja Nathan coffee as one of the world best coffees.
viernes 19, octubre 2018 | 2:54 pm

The Salvadoran J.J Borja Nathan Coffee company was recognized with Erneto Illy International Coffee award 2018 as the best Salvadoran coffee in a ceremony celebrated in New York by Illy Company.

In a competitive market this recognition it is a huge achievement, thanks to hard work and dedication that we put on our harvest. “To keep a high quality control process assure us profits. This motivates us to continue working with a high quality philosophy as our seal,” Ernesto Borja Papini said.

In addition, Borja comented: the coffee sent to Illy jury from the crops of J.J Borja coffee field, it is characterized for its velvety taste and soft body, smooth finish. Strong chocolate and nutty notes, slight taste of honey and medium caramel.

“This recognition to our hard work and perseverance that along decades has prompted to my great-parents and then our father taught to my brother Ernesto and me, it still is leading us”, Juan José Borja Papini shared.

“It is a huge honor were renowned as the best Salvadoran coffee and as the one of nine best coffees around the world by Illycaffè, one of the most prestigious coffee world buyers».