lunes 2, julio 2018 | 10:40 am

Within the framework to support the education of Ahuachapán young people and enable them to get a decent job. JBORJA Foundation bet for technical training in different areas.

Jóvenes con sus diplomas que los acreditan en la certificación 1 del lenguaje C#MVC.

This project search to improve the quality of the services that provide the work force, in order to respond to the tech market. At the same time, improve the work skills of vulnerable young people in IT area.

Jóvenes participantes del proyecto junto con sus maestros.


This Monday, 24 youths that belong to the first group of the software development project, implemented in Ahuachapán got their computer program certification.

Also, the participants received a crash course for reinforcing their work skills that allow them to be part of any work team and sell their serivices as a computers programmers.