lunes 12, diciembre 2016 | 3:39 pm


Outstanding Ahuachapan´s students finished successfully their studies within Oportunidades Saturday Program supported by Gloria de Kriete Foundation and JBorja Foundation.

The “Oportinidades” program head office in Ahuachapán receives a special support from JBorja Foundation. This time, around 33 students took extracurricular Saturday classes for two years. There, the participants were receiving vocational guidance, computer science and English.

“For JBorja Foundation is a great satisfaction make the dreams of these youths come true and that encourage us to continue working for them, because, they move our country development. For that reason, the “Oportunidades” Program’s mission is to change the student’s family lives”, the JBorja Foundation President said.

According to Foundation´s representatives, most of the program´s participants are from public Institutes and low economic resources families, but they are students with excellent grades and desire to get over their difficulties.

“We found a deep desire to help with this program the learning process of the young people”. Without a doubt, we will not stop accompany them, because, we are aware about the needs of the Ahuachapán’s people with whom our family has a strong bond. That is why, we want to share this endeavor with them.

At the graduation ceremony, the participants of the program showed their appreciation to the foundation´s representatives. They gave them a recognition and also performance a song in front the honor table.

The Oportunidades Program has three phases. First is the Saturday Classes Program. The second is a college scholarship for the participants continue with their studies in any university of the country. And the third one, consist in incorporating them in the work market      

This program has reached to more than 120 high School Students in Ahuachapán and more than 1,350 students around the country thanks to Gloria de Kriete Foundation.

The Saturday Oportunidades Program Team has achieved two graduations with 57 participants studying currently at 18 universities, 281 in technical higher careers and 164 in bachelor and engineering careers. In addition, 35 participants are working in stable job positions or doing a work internship.