lunes 19, octubre 2015 | 7:15 pm

 Last Saturday, VidaSana Magazine promoted its campaign: Breast Cancer may be curable with early detection. Depends on you stop it. Around the world, this disease takes millions of life every year!

As part of VidaSana work! We welcomed to hundreds of people at La Gran Vía Mall. The participation of our sponsors and readers made this launching of VidaSana Magazine Edition a success.

We had healthy tips, products for wellbeing people and exercise routines by Be Fit El Salvador and dancing show by Zamira´s Belly Dance. We also thank to Roxana Web, TV Host, by helping us to spread the cancer prevention.

Thanks to all our sponsors that were on the festival offering their services and products for the take care of peoples’ health.

On this event, VidaSana Magazine’s readers got our last edition dedicated to breast cancer and a pink neck scarf as the fight against cancer symbol.